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On this page you can read about the extra funding the school get and how it help to improve pupils results and welbeing.  click on the links below to read about:

Pupil Premium

Sports Funding

Service Children Funding



Pupil Premium

Use of Funding


The pupil premium is an allocation of funding provided to schools to support children who may be vulnerable to underachievement. The amount allocated to schools is to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM), children of service personnel and children who are Looked After.  All schools are required to report on the amount of funding and how this is being used.


·         We organise teaching and learning at Binstead Primary School in order to meet the needs of all children in the best way.

·         We ensure that appropriate provision is made for children who belong to vulnerable groups and that socially disadvantaged children have their needs adequately assessed and met.

·         We recognise that not all children who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged and we also recognise that not all children that are disadvantaged have free school meals. 

·         We reserve the right to allocate Pupil Premium funding to support any child the school has identified as being socially disadvantaged.

·         We will allocate Pupil Premium funding after a needs analysis to identify priority groups and individuals.


Download our pupil premium strategy here.

For more details on the pupil premium please visit:



This message is for the attention of Regular Forces Service parents based in England.  If your child attends a state school, Academy or Free school in England and has been registered with the school as a Service pupil, the school will be granted a Service Pupil Premium of £300. 

The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is provided by the Department for Education to enable schools to offer additional, mainly pastoral, support during challenging times, which could include anything from a Service parent being away, being injured on active service to bereavement.  Funds are paid directly to schools; with Head Teachers and school Governors deciding how the funds are used.

Schools with Service children in Reception to Year 11 classes are eligible to receive SPP, but only if your child’s name appears on the school roll as being a Service child.  The annual census takes place on 19 January 2017 and children must be registered with the school before this date.  You are encouraged to contact the school and make them aware your child is from a Service family.  This information is not shared with other organisations and is protected on the National Pupil database.

For more information on eligibility, please see the links below:


For any other queries regarding Service children contact the Directorate Children and Young People’s educational advisory arm, Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: 01980 618244.  



Sports Funding

Binstead Primary School

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure

The Government has provided £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013 -2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 for primary school sports funding in order to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools.  This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.  This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision for PE and sport in schools.  

DfE Guidance on how to use the PE and sport premium

Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.  This means that the premium should be used to:

·         develop or add to the PE and sport activities that the school already offers

·         make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

For example, the funding can be used to:

·         hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers

·         provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively

·         introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport

·         support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs, holiday clubs and Change4Life clubs

·         run sport competitions

·         increase pupils’ participation in the School Games

·         run sports activities with other schools



Year 6 2017/18 Cohort Swimming skills

Can swim 25 Metres

25/29 ( 86%)

Can swim confidently in a variety of strokes

20/29 (69%)

Can perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations

24/29 (83%)


Sports Premium Spending 

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