Knowing About Your Child’s Progress

The most important way in which this takes place is through discussion with your child’s teacher. This happens in a number of ways, informally, at the end of the day, and more formally, at Parent consultations.

We invite parents and carers to discuss progress individually every term at Parent Consultation evenings. We hope that parents and carers will come to see the teacher where they will be able to see their child/children’s work and records. Where there is a special concern, parents/carers may ask to make additional appointments to come and see the teacher, or a teacher may request a parent/carer to meet with them. We consider Parent Consultation meetings vitally important for discussing children’s successes and difficulties and planning together the best way forward.

Keeping us informed: Please remember to let us know if circumstances at home change e.g. Place of work, contact telephone number etc.

We send an annual report home to parents/carers towards the end of the summer term. 

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